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A little intro about iPage

Quick Facts About iPage Hosting
Price : $4.50/mo*
Domain : Free For Life
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Disk Space : Unlimited
Platform : Linux
Control Panel : vDeck
Freebies : $450 Value
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Established in year 1998, iPage is one of the very few web hosts that has been around for more than a decade and is still currently active in business.

The web hosting provider is owned and managed by a large International business group with more than 10 years industry experience; where the management hold over 1.5 millions domains and 1 million websites, and lead a team of 800 employees from 6 different countries.

iPage Review: My Experience With iPage

Enough with the boring stats and facts. Now let's get to the main point why you are on this site - what's in iPage for you, and is iPage the right hosting for you? I've been using iPage (it is a voluntary project for a local community's network in my area) for some time and here is what I think about the hosting service.

For easy reference, I have list down all the advantages and disadvantages in point form; and at the bottom of this review is my conclusion and recommendation on this host.

Things I like about iPage hosting

  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee  The best thing about iPage is its Anytime Money Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy anytime during your subscription, you can simply cancel your account and ask for a pro-rated refund.
  • Low Price Hosting After Special Discount iPage charge $4.50/mo* any 12 months and above subscription - I bet you can't get any other good unlimited hosting service that is cheaper than this!
  • Unlimited Hosting Save cost. iPage offers unlimited disk space, data transfer, addon domains, and email accounts. This mean you can host all your websites in one hosting account.
  • Environmental Friendly iPage is 100% green. The web host's energy efficiency is equivalent to planting 2,390 acres of trees or removing 510 cars annually.
  • Instant Activation Some web hosts require tedious process such as phone verification to activate a new account. Well that's not the case with iPage, new accounts are activated right after payment and login details are sent to new users via email instantly.
  • Excellent Live Chat Support iPage provides 24/7 customer supports in live chat, phone call, and emails. The live chat support is especially quick and helpful in my experience.
  • Free Marketing Credits All iPage new users are entitled with series of free ads credits, this include $50 with Google Adwords, $25 with Yahoo! Marketing, $50 with FaceBook Ads, as well as loads of other free-trial memberships including 60 days trial at RatePoint.
  • User Friendly Last but not least, it's worth noting that iPage website is very easy to use and the ordering process takes only a few minutes. (so newbies, no fear!)

Things I dislike about iPage hosting

  • Lack of hosting choices iPage offers very limited hosting option (only shared Linux hosting) so it is not the right choice for those who need VPS or dedicated or Windows hosting.
  • Incompetent technical staffs at phone support The support staffs always respond to my phone calls quickly but they are lack of technical quality in solving my problems. If you need technical assistants with iPage, I suggest you go with the Live Chat Support instead.

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Wait! Why just listen to me when you gain insights from more current iPage users? I've prepared a special page on this site to collect iPage user reviews and believe me, there are gold in these customer feedback. Make sure you make full use of this site and check out these user reviews.

Wait! Why just listen to me? After all, I am just a small web developer with limited hosting experience, right? ;)

What other webmasters thought of iPage?

Without surprise, I am not the only webmaster who recommend iPage hosting. Jerry from Web Hosting Secret Revealed, for example, rates iPage as an 'A+' host and thinks (quote from his websites) that "iPage hosting is a GO for those who need an affordable hosting service". You can read more about his opinion in his iPage review here.

iPage User Reviews

Still need more? I've prepared a special page on this site to collect iPage user reviews and believe me, there are gold in those feedbacks. For instance, below are some hand-picked customer reviews.

iPage support was incredibly helpful! "I switched to iPage and unfortunately because of the bungling of my previous host, there were tons of problems. DNS, billing, email, etc. all were problematic. iPage support was incredibly — actually surprisingly — helpful and got the job done for me, including some strange stuff that required a specialist. I am really happy I switched and that they are helping me. No views on downtime or anything yet but I feel totally confident with my choice give the level of support so far." Reviewed by Marc, March 14, 2010.

iPage never crash! "iPage is a good choice for bloggers that use the wordpress CMS. At first I had some problems due to some wordpress problems. They helped me within minutes. They do this instantly while on the live chat. They put be on hold for 5 minutes and they’re back and FIXED it! I recommend their host. But it also has a lil’ down site. On peak hours my site loads not as fast as on normal hours but it still loads. It never crashed." Reviewed by Club Penguin Cheater, September 7, 2010.

Should You Host At iPage? My Conclusion

There are so many things can happen to a business in a decade. iPage (which established in early 1998) went thru two economy crisis (1997-99, 2008-10) and it's still standing strong in such a competitive industry nowadays. That tells us a lot about the company, don't you think?

For those who are looking for an affordable and long-term shared hosting service, all I can say is 'Just Do It'. Think about it, with iPage Anytime Money Back Guarantee and at $4.50/mo - there is nothing you can lose! I am glad that I made my choice with iPage one year earlier and I am sure you will feel the same.

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