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About the site owner

Hello and welcome to iPageReview.biz!

My name is Clarissa and yup, I am the lady in the photo. I am a work from home mum and I have been hosting/managing/developing websites since year 2005.

I deal a lot with web hosting companies due to my job nature as a web developer. To name a few, I was/am a user of A2Hosting, BlueHost, FatCow, GoDaddy, Hostgator, InMotion, iPower, Lunarpages, SiteCloud and of course, iPage – an excellent shared hosting company that I have been using a lot lately.

I enjoy cooking (a lot!) and hanging out with my kids during my free time. Unlike most other web developers, I prefer not to spend long hours time in front of a PC – this is why I do not have an active Twitter nor Delicious account until today :(.

About this site

The objective of iPageReview.biz is simple and direct: to assist web host shoppers to make informed-decision before they make a purchase. It is a place to share my opinions about the web host (read my iPage review); as well as a place to collect and display users’ reviews. The website is all about iPage at this moment but I might add other host later in the future. In case you need opinions on other web hosts, check out my list of ‘Other Hosting Resources’ for other reliable hosting review sites.

Please bear in mind that my review and comment are solely based on my personal preferences. Also, when you are reading iPageReview.biz, it’s important to note that I am affiliated to iPage (it means I get paid when you order iPage from this site) though I’ve done my best to make sure my review is fair and unbiased (this is why we have the user review section, right?).