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Domain Privacy at iPage

When we talk about domain privacy, we normally refer to the feature that hide a domain owner’s personal data (such as name and contact details) and display a proxy contacts in WhoIs databases. Domain privacy is a great feature because non of us would like to have our personal details available to the public and ended up with bunch of junk calls and emails daily (that’s right, spammers and scammers actually will scan thru WhoIs records to obtain website owners’s contacts).

That’s great! Can I get this with iPage?

In case you wonder – Yes, this feature (domain privacy) is available with iPage. In other words, this means all iPage customers have the ability to mask their personal info on WhoIs. Sounds great, huh?

But wait, as most good things in our world, domain privacy feature does not come free. Any users who registered their domain with iPage and make it private will need to pay $8.99 a year.

Is $8.99/year a good price?

Well if you ask me, I would it is a fair price. Most domain registrars charge more or less the same amount of money for this feature. iPage’s domain privacy is actually a pretty popular feature that is used by many customers. If you check, one of the iPage users actually left a comment about this on my iPage User Review section – do read further to learn more about the web host.

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