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CMS stands for Content Management Systems. The usage of CMS has became so popular nowadays, that I believe at least half of the websites today are built using CMS. Yep that’s right, hundreds of thousands of websites are pumped out everyday using CMS like Joomla, E107, Drupal, Mambo, B2Evolution, WordPress.. and so on.

In other words, if you are new and wish to stick with the crowds (so that if things go wrong you can get helps easily), high chances are you will end up using one of these systems. And, this is why you need a web host can do a ‘CMS auto-installation’.

Instant CMS Installation at iPage

iPage, for example, is one of the web hosts that support auto-installation for loads of different CMS (by the way, the auto-installation system named ‘Install Central’ at iPage). In case you wonder, here are  the types of CMS you can install instantly with iPage Install Central.

  • PixelPost
  • WordPress
  • B2 Evolution
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Mambo
  • E107

As you can see, iPage actually has all the most popular CMS covered in its Install Central.  In fact, the hosting companies actually has one of the best selections that I have ever seen before. This makes them an awesome selection for those who are looking for a good CMS hosting.

Does iPage support CMS?

Formally, iPage does not promise any kind of CMS support as problems that could arise are very unpredictable and out of iPage’s control (for example, iPage is not responsible for a security loop hole in the CMS). However, I have seen in certain cases where their support department has lent a helping hand with common CMS problems.

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