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iPage features iPage Features : Unlimited Email Accounts

We all knew email is the most widely (okay, some might argue it’s mobile phone that is most widely used, but you get the point) used form of communication nowadays – therefore a close look at on email features before purchasing any web host is a must.

So, let’s have a quick round on email features at iPage hosting.

Email with yourname@yourdomain.com

Yes, iPage allows you to create email accounts using your domain. In fact, most web hosts do offer this nowadays – who wants to go with a web host without this email feature? So, avoid looking unprofessional, take advantage of this feature, and make your email at your domain name as soon as you signup your iPage account.

iPage Secured Email Accounts

One good thing I like about iPage is its email virus scanning feature. In case you are one of those who get loads of spam mail daily, remember to activate iPage’s virus scanning feature and get your emails automatically scanned by iPage.

iPage WebMail Feature

SMTP and POP3 email features are supported by iPage, as well as most other web hosts. WebMail features allow you to check emails on a web browser, which is important for those who do not have an email agent (like Outlook) or are always on the move.

Unlimited Email Accounts at iPage

Not every hosting provider allow unlimited email accounts. In fact, they will charge at an expensive price when you request extra email accounts. But that is not the case with ipage. at iPAge, you do not have to worry about adding email accounts as the web host provides unlimited email capacity.

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