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File Transfer Protocol (normally known as FTP) is a very common way to handle file uploads and downloads on any web hosting accounts. It is, in fact, one of the most frequent used hosting features since most website management tasks involved with files transfer.

Discover your FTP options at iPage

So what are your options with FTP at iPage? How many FTP accounts you can have at iPage? And, how will this feature affects your daily web operation?

Unlike many other scrupulous web hosts who set a tight limit on FTP accounts, all iPage users get an unlimited amount of FTP accounts. At first look you might wonder why do we need so many FTP accounts. But if you try to look further, you will see that the ability to create unlimited FTP accounts is actually a very important feature – especially when you need to delegate your work to others.

Why unlimited FTP accounts matter?

I am not sure about others but this happens to me in many web development jobs – you will probably need a separate FTP account for each one of the related personnel, including the site owner, ghost writers, webmaster, web developers, web supports, web designers… etc etc. Imagine if you are are hosting 20 to 30 sites on the same account, having 20 freelance ghost writers and 5 web developers working for you, and each of these personnel needs 1 FTP access to each website; in such case, a hosting account with 50 FTP account is definitely not okay.

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Well, that is all I have to say about iPage FTP features, you might want to check out other iPage features before making the purchase. Also to learn more about iPage hosting, please read my iPage review at the homepage.

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