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Review by Jason, December 24, 2015

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Criminal Business Practices, Horrible Support

This is my latest issue with ipage:
Last month I decided I’ve had enough of ipage so I turned off auto renew on my account.
Today I started the process of transferring my domain names to another hosting company.
While going through my account settings, I noticed that ipage charged my bank account today for $155 for web hosting.
I called and requested a refund for charging an unauthorized payment. Support said they would look into it. A few minutes later I receive a notice they have refunded my charge, then about 30 seconds later I receive a notice saying my account has been cancelled and my hosting account has been deleted. I tried logging in and sure enough the account and my website was deleted.
I called ipage back and said I did not request my account be deleted…I still have a few weeks of paid hosting left.
Support apologized and said they will contact an account manager and get the site back up, but it would take about 12 to 24 hours to get the site back up.
So just to keep score: at this point we have ipage making an illegal charge to by bank account.
Then when I catch them and request a refund, their response is to cancel and delete my account without permission.
IPAGE ARE CRIMINALS. Do not host your site with these criminals. If your site is currently hosted with ipage, check your bank account carefully for unauthorized and illegal charges!

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